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The PlayStation Revolution

The PlayStation series stands unconquered. There is no other video gaming console within miles of PS in terms of sophistication and graphics. When Sony Computer Entertainment launched PS (1) in 1994, it sold a record breaking 100 million units. The unyielding company released PS2 in 2000, which went on to become the best selling, most popular gaming system ever.

Their tradition of stunning the world continued with the svelte PS3 (2006) – advanced motion sensing controller and superior graphics define this series. Now, Sony is set to stun the world yet again with PS4, to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Do you want to catch up?

If you are new to PlayStation, we have just the right thing for you! Mentioned below are the terms and features of the PS3.

  • PlayStation Move: it is a motion sensing game controller platform. The Move consists of a wand shaped controller that the user can hold, with an orb at the tip emitting light of different colours.  PlayStation Move can track the controller’s movement in the users’ hand by coordinating with the PS Eye Camera.
  • The PS Move is all the rage today. It can detect your movements and display them on the screen. ‘Inside the game’ doesn’t get any better!
  • If you are a parent, a fact for you- PS products are rated by an independent body, so you can rest assured that your child will not be exposed to any improper games.
  • ‘Wonderbook’ book of spells is a title in PS3 that allows the player to use Harry Potter spells and cast magic. The player can interact with the elements on screen.    
  • But you can do a lot more with the awesome PS3. Watch movies, have fun with the family, play the new chapter in ‘Skylanders’, watch TV, play your favourite games from the PS store for free – it’s a complete home entertainment system.
  • What’s more- relive moments, store photographs of family and friends.
  • With ‘VidZone’ you can store all your favourite tracks, watch music videos for free and play CD’s as well.

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